Garden Styling

Quite often it’s not a full garden design that is needed but a professional advise on choosing the style of a new garden or a style rejuvenation of an existing one.  There is often a need to review what already exists and to get some advice on the best way to improve it further.

This may include suggesting a range of appropriate elements to implement it,  designing new containers and window boxes, repainting fencing in stylish colours, replanting existing scheme, or simply renewing furniture and cushions, finding beautiful accessories like garden lanterns and frames, or simply sourcing cushions and pads.

As a stylist, I can suggest anything to make a face-lift for your plot, without moving the ground, but changing the look with water features,  pergolas and arbours, fencing, screens, trellis, benches, plant containers and window boxes.

I also can source a wide range of specific style related garden furniture and accessories  from European suppliers and help with such items as sculpture and any decorative elements.

Arrange a consultation

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